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The first acupuncture treatment I received changed my life! I was in college at Oklahoma State and dealing with increasing health issues that were not resolved with Western Medicine. I searched for years and finally found the answer 3 years later when I received my first acupuncture treatment in Portland, Oregon at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM). That moment rewrote my future. I ended up going to grad school at OCOM and never looked back.

I've been practicing Acupuncuture and Chinese Medicine for 16 years. I spent 10+ of those years in private practice, 6+ years in an Oncology hospital. I taught massage at a career college, and I've been involved in research in some form or another off and on since my undergrad studies at OSU 20 years ago.

My specialties are pain, oncology, and fertility/sexual dysfunction, but I've treated most conditions over the years. 

I practice within safety guidelines and in harmony with any other standard/conventional treatment, my patients may be undergoing and provide the highest quality treatment in the most comfortable and laid back environment possible. 

If you are looking for someone who truly cares about you with no outside agenda, please book now.

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I also play and love roller derby. This is a goofy video I put together to help explain acupuncture.