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I help YOU get your health under control

Tongue Diagnosis

Tongue Diagnosis

Your tongue is the only muscle we can see, and it tells me what is going on inside YOUR body.

Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse Diagnosis

You have 9 pulses on each wrist that give me information about your organ systems and channels.

We Listen to YOU

We Listen to YOU

Your story is important to us. The details you provide helps me pick acupuncture points that are exactly right for YOU.

Dr. Brandy Valentine

Q&A With the Doc

Where did you go to school?

  • Grew up in Blackwell, OK until 1995
  • OSU (Stillwater): B.S. in Psychology 1999
  • OCOM (Portland): Master's of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine 2003
  • PCOM (San Diego): Doctorate in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine 2019

Where have you worked?

  • Private practice since 2003 (Ponca City, Oklahoma City, Broken Arrow)
  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa 2012 - 2018

What are your values?

  • Safety/Cleanliness - in the face of COVID-19, safety is our primary goal
  • Comfort - soft treatment tables, heaters available, kind touch acupuncture
  • Integrity - high quality, experienced, exceed patient care expectations
  • Efficiency - little to no wait times, online booking, online payments optional

What are your specialties? 

Acupuncture and Cupping for Pain and Fertility

- but I've treated most conditions over the years.

Gall Bladder Disease Saved Me

My first acupuncture treatment changed my life forever!

It was the best feeling I had ever experienced

I thought I was floating and completely stress free

My pain went away immediately

I never felt the same again

My personal life healed also...

My mental and physical health improved

I learned what to eat and what to avoid

I worked through old habits and made new ones

I learned how to live a balanced life

My path to a career in Chinese Medicine is a wild and winding road of trusting my intuition and following my gut. Listen here for the short and sweet version of my story.

My family thought I had joined a cult and moved in with the Manson family. This small town girl from Oklahoma had no idea how amazing trailblazing my own path could be, but I could not possibly be happier about my choices along the way.


Jess was excited and nervous about getting acupuncture, and now she is our referral Wonder Woman. In this video she explains how she felt about her initial experiences as new patient.

Roller Derby Version of How Acupuncture Works

I love to play roller derby. My name is "Nasty Nadine" as a namesake of my late Grandma Wilma Nadine, but they call me "Nasty" for short. I wanted to find a fun way to explain how acupuncture works. This video is entertaining and goofy but also gives some insight to how acupuncture needles activate the body.