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Specializing in Pain, Fertility, and Sexual Dysfunction

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Doctoral level, licensed care, 17 years in practice

SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY (masks required until in treatment room)

- Decrease debilitating pain. Acupuncture is now recognized as first line defense against pain to help decrease opioid use.

- IVF compatible care. Acupuncture can increase fertility with IVF by up to 40%.

- Sexual dysfunction in men and women: PD, ED, pain with sex, emotional issues with sex.

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GET EMPOWERED. Wholistic Care, Empowering People

Our Space
Our Space

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The GPS directions will deposit you in the middle of the street near Elm and 101st/New Orleans. We are behind McDonald's, south of Ross, upstairs from Cali Nails. There is an elevator and stairs. Look for "Professional Suites".

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